Celebrating 10 years of Angel Investment

Dec 9, 2020

Established in 2010, Perth Angels has entered its second decade as it celebrates 10 years of investing and mentoring local, innovative and emerging high-growth businesses.

A not-for-profit organisation largely driven by its members and part-time business managers this community of private investors has seen a number of bright ideas walk through the door.

It serves well however to remember presenting the latest in fintech, apps or medical devices requires more than solving a problem. Catching the attention of these net-worth individuals is far from easy.

As a business, you want not just financial backing but advice from the right people at the right time.

So what do investors want from investees?

Members want to be able to invest in companies with an understanding of angel investing. This includes, but not limited to:

  • Understanding the problem being solved
  • Validating
  • Understanding the development stage, size of the market and opportunities
  • Know the lingo and be prepared to answer questions about it (e.g. equity, valuation, exit, etc.)

Applications are submitted via and managed by global angel software platform, Gust requiring applicants to answer several areas regarding the business and proposition. As well as uploading a pitch deck and short video pitch (a rather comprehensive and sometimes long-winded process). This is internally reviewed before being put to the screening committee which runs face-to-face and Zoom sessions.

If you’re wondering how to get into a screening session then be sure to qualify as being investment ready (or very, very close to it). Candidates receive feedback and if selected, invited to present to the network at one of five yearly Pitch Nights.

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