Investment in Perth’s Startups – Report to the City of Perth

Mar 26, 2021

Perth Angels recently presented a detailed report to City of Perth to update the City on the state of its investment, innovation and technology sector. The study was led by Perth Angels with the support of Entrepreneurs in Residence, StartupWA, Techboard and Visagio.

The report sought to highlight a number of findings on the key contributors, as well as identify the major inhibitors and opportunities to investment in emerging early stage and high growth business ventures, including start-ups and scale-ups. The city was also presented with next steps to best support the ecosystem and facilitate investment in such companies.

Bringing together members of Perth’s investment and innovation communities, City of Perth hosted a special industry event with honorary guest Councillor Brent Fleeton welcoming guests.

Insights shared included mapping of the various stakeholders engaged in Perth’s innovation, technology and investment landscape; where and how they participate at the various stages of the commercialisation lifecycle, highlighting the key factors identified as inhibiting investment in the sector.

Additionally the report identified opportunities to grow capacity and re-dress inhibitors impacting participation in investment, with a series of recommendations, including:

  1. profile and publish successful case studies across media channels;
  2. deliver diverse events that demonstrate and/or showcase success stories;
  3. promote capability building programs, collaborating with partners and early stage firms; and
  4. lobby for private investment and
  5. commercial demonstrations in the City.

The full report can be downloaded here.