Pulse WA

Nov 29, 2023

Greg Riebe represented Perth Angels at the vibrant WA Pulse event on November 29th, showcasing the initiatives fueling Western Australia’s dynamic startup and innovation landscape. Held at the iconic Perth Town Hall and supported by Meshpoints, the evening served as a gathering point for a diverse range of contributors, spanning government bodies to investors, fostering a lively tapestry of ideas and collaboration.

The stage saw 20 distinguished speakers sharing insights, creating a rich tapestry of innovation experiences in the region. Beyond celebrating achievements, WA Pulse underscored the collaborative spirit that defines Western Australia’s dynamic startup and innovation scene, highlighting the multifaceted initiatives delivered by a diverse array of contributors.

During his impactful presentation, Greg Riebe emphasised Perth Angels’ unwavering commitment to education and mentoring aspects, underlining their dedication to nurturing the next generation of innovators. He also shared the latest investment numbers, offering a transparent glimpse into the organization’s current contributions to the thriving startup ecosystem.

The event painted a vivid picture of collaboration within our ever-expanding startup and innovation ecosystem. From government bodies and academic institutions to startup service providers, professional services, investors, and industry associations, each participant played a vital role in shaping the innovation narrative in Western Australia.

The WA Pulse event stands as a testament to the boundless energy and enthusiasm propelling Western Australia’s innovation ecosystem forward. Perth Angels takes pride in being part of this thriving community, dedicated to continuing the collaborative journey that defines our region’s startup and innovation landscape.

As we reflect on the glow of WA Pulse, Perth Angels eagerly anticipates the exciting initiatives yet to come. Here’s to the continuous growth, innovation, and the commitment to education that define Western Australia’s thriving startup scene!