Perth Angels celebrates 50th Pitch Night

May 26, 2023

The 50th Perth Angels Pitch Night was a night to remember, filled with incredible guests and a vibrant atmosphere. We were privileged to host some of the most inspiring individuals in the industry, all gathered under one roof.

This event was not only a celebration but also an excellent opportunity for networking, connecting with like-minded individuals, and exchanging groundbreaking ideas. Whether you were a startup founder, an investor, or a passionate supporter, this was the perfect platform to showcase your skills and pitch your visionary concepts. Pitch Night #50 provided a stage for emerging entrepreneurs to shine and gain valuable exposure. The founders, such as Nick Gorgani, Nigel Gordon, and John Wright, captivated the audience with their innovative solutions and demonstrated the immense potential of their ventures. Their dedication and hard work were evident in their presentations, leaving everyone inspired and in awe.

The collaborative efforts of our hosts, organizers, and sponsors played a pivotal role in making this event a resounding success. The Carbon Group hosts and Vici Ventures organizers worked tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a seamless experience for all attendees. We extend our deepest gratitude to IdeaBank, Entrepreneurs in Residence (EiR),, and Idea to Life for their generous support. Their commitment to fostering entrepreneurship and supporting the startup ecosystem is truly commendable.

A special mention goes to Erin Bell for receiving the prestigious Graham Griffiths scholarship. This scholarship not only recognizes outstanding talent but also serves as a lasting tribute to Graham Griffiths, a remarkable individual who made a lasting impact on the local startup community. Through this scholarship, Erin and future recipients will have the opportunity to attend various Perth Angels events, gaining valuable insights into angel investment and strengthening their position for success.

As the evening drew to a close, we hope that everyone left Pitch Night #50 with new connections, fresh perspectives, and a renewed sense of purpose. The energy and enthusiasm that permeated the event were tangible, and it is through such gatherings that we build a stronger and more vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem.

We are grateful to everyone who attended, contributed, and made Pitch Night #50 an unforgettable experience. Together, we are shaping the future of innovation and entrepreneurship, and we eagerly anticipate the incredible endeavors that will emerge from this dynamic community. Until our next gathering, let’s continue to support and empower each other as we strive for greatness.