Perth Angels at _Southstart Odyssey

Mar 15, 2023

The meeting of the leaders of the angel investment community was a momentous occasion that brought together some of the most prominent and innovative minds in the industry. David Saint, Richard Moore, Brian Cooke, Jordan Green, Wilson Casado, Josh Garratt, David (JD) Sheard, Leila Henderson, Linda Ginger, and Simon Horne, who are the leaders of Southern Angels, Brisbane Angels Group Limited, Melbourne Angels Inc, AngelLoop, and Perth Angels, respectively, were all in attendance. They met before _SOUTHSTART’s National Angel Investors Summit 2023 to discuss the current status of their angel groups.
The gathering was not only historic, but it was also very productive. The leaders talked about their membership base, investments made, deal flow, due diligence processes, portfolio companies, and much more. This discussion was particularly exciting as it allowed everyone to gain insights into what was working for their respective groups and how they could improve in the future. The attendees left the meeting feeling energized and optimistic about the future of angel investing.

Representing Perth Angels at the meeting were Wilson Casado (Chairperson) and Clarisse Menezes (Business Manager). They had a chance of exploring new ways to leverage the investing infrastructure, such as processes and systems, to support founders more efficiently. This could involve finding new ways to mobilize capital, create connections, and share knowledge with other angel groups. By doing so, they hope to create a more collaborative and supportive community that can help startups succeed.

Wilson also participated in a lively discussion on a panel at the Angel Summit. He was joined by Cheryl Mack, Jess Walker, and Roseanne Healy, and they discussed various ways to support founders through different formats, such as mobilizing capital, connections, and knowledge, and nurturing the community for pre-investment due diligence and post-investment support. This discussion was particularly valuable as it allowed everyone to share ideas and insights and gain new perspectives on how to support founders.

Overall, the Angel Summit was a huge success, and Perth Angels is grateful for the opportunity to be a part of such an exciting and forward-thinking community. The meeting of the leaders of the angel investment community was a significant milestone, and it has set the stage for future collaboration and innovation in the industry. The attendees left the meeting feeling optimistic about the future of angel investing and eager to continue working together to support innovative startups and founders.