Empowering Perth: Five New Early-Stage Accredited Angel Investors Emerge

Dec 7, 2023

In a significant stride towards fostering local innovation, five individuals in Perth recently earned their stripes as Early-stage accredited Angel Investors. The accomplishment follows their successful completion of the Qualified Early-Stage Investor Course, led by Simon Horne of AngelLoop.

The course, strategically scheduled just after the Perth Angels’ Annual Investor Breakfast, provided participants with essential knowledge and skills to become integral parts of the innovation ecosystem. Adding to the significance, participants had the rare opportunity to learn from Simon Horne in Perth, cutting out the travel costs typically associated with similar programs in Queensland.

The culmination of this journey saw each participant proudly receiving their Qualified Early-Stage Investor certificates. You can view their certificates here.

This achievement not only highlights the dedication of these new investors but also underscores a commitment to democratizing opportunities in early-stage investing through education. Recognizing the increasing interest in investing, we aim to remove financial barriers and provide accessible avenues for individuals eager to contribute to shaping the future of groundbreaking startups.

This accomplishment speaks to the vibrancy of Perth’s innovation scene and the commitment of its community to fostering a thriving ecosystem. As the interest in early-stage investing continues to grow, so does the need for accessible education. Let’s celebrate these new Angel Investors and continue working towards a more inclusive and dynamic innovation landscape.