I’ve identified what I really want, rather than just following the easy path!

“Before coaching with Stacey, I lacked direction and had become overwhelmed by all the things I had to do to get my business up and running. As a result, it was difficult for me to target tasks and do them. I procrastinated a lot. And was also concerned that being a sole practitioner and entrepreneur was not for me. I was indecisive about what the direction I wanted my career to go.

I’ve taken steps to raise my profile as an expert in my field. Since working with Stacey, how to go about this has become a lot clearer. I feel more motivated as a result of clarifying the tasks I need to work on to be successful. I’ve made progress overcoming my fear of not being good enough and have received feedback from the market that’s helped calm this fear.

Coaching with Stacey is like unwrapping negative layers of inhibitions to discover what you want and need out of your career.

On a deeper level, identifying my values really made sense to me and helped me understand what it is that I need from my career. This has helped me identify and stick to my goals and be less indecisive about what I wanted to do with my career. The coaching has made me look at my career differently and hone in on what I really want, rather than just follow the easy path.

I have also been able to say no to work that I don’t want to do.

Stacey is supportive, encouraging, always upbeat and positive. She had strategies, creative ideas and helpful exercises that assisted me in discerning my personal values and purpose and forging a career path that honours these values and purpose. After each session, I felt reassured about my career potential and confident about myself and my abilities.”


Lawyer – Linda Widdup Consulting

I became more confident in my decisions and ability to build my business

“Coaching with Stacey was an amazing experience. Stacey is a very intuitive coach, reads between the lines and reflects back observations based on what you’ve said (or possibly not said). She has an ease about asking questions that are powerful and focused on her client. I found her to be encouraging, supportive, and direct in a way that was non-threatening.

Stacey focuses on making sure her client gets the best outcome in identifying what’s important to them. She helped me remain accountable to action items and areas that were important to me.

Through coaching with Stacey, I learnt to listen to my instincts and be more confident in my decisions. Since I was starting a new consulting business, I benefited from Stacey’s background and knowledge as an entrepreneur. I became more confident in my skills and ability to build the business and accomplished a great deal during our time coaching together.”


HR Consultant & Entrepreneur

I had a ‘break through’ moment, realising what was important to me and to consider in my career

“I was very impressed with the sessions I had with Stacey. Before I met Stacey, I was feeling a bit lost and directionless about where to start in exploring a career change.

Stacey took me through a number of exercises which helped me realise the types of things I’m looking for in a career, what my values are and how I might start to bring these two things together.

We had a ‘break through’ moment in one session where she was able to help me dissect a pivotal moment in my life; work out why it was so important and the personal values attached to this. Before this, I was not aware that these values were so important to me and something I need to consider when making decisions about my career.

Stacey has a warm and professional manner which made me very comfortable and I was able to really open up to her. I would be more than happy to recommend Stacey to any of my friends or colleagues.”



I’ve now got time to work on my business and the clarity I was desperately lacking

“When I started coaching with Stacey, I was resenting working in my business. I felt a lack of control over my own time management. Everything in my business felt chaotic – a big mess.

I was also struggling with staff management. I wasn’t sure what was making me feel this way or how to address it but I wanted help to solve those problems. And I knew I wanted better work/life balance and clarity in my schedule. As a business owner, I have a small team I wasn’t managing that well. I needed structure and help with this too.

Since working with Stacey, I’ve managed to create a work schedule that allows me time to work on my business. This has given me the clarity I was desperately lacking. I’ve also found a way to lead my team that suits my personality and aligns to my values. In the past I found this very hard, as I’m not the traditional leader type. But by discovering a way to lead that works for me, I feel less resentful towards leadership. I’m more motivated to implement and develop these skills.

As a coach, Stacey has the ability to pick up on the areas you need to work on in order for you to lead a rewarding personal and professional life, aligned to your most important values. When we first started working together, I didn’t even know what my values were! She knows how to guide you in the direction that is right for you, using a variety of coaching methods.

You come out the other end realising what you need to do in order to achieve what you inherently desire from your personal and professional life.

Because of this ability, Stacey’s coaching impacts both your career and life. Our coaching sessions fly by so quickly. Afterwards, I’ve always felt so inspired, full of determination and hope for a more fulfilling and satisfied future.”


Business Owner – Enhance Skin Aesthetics

Stacey challenged me to look past typical thought patterns, to uncover hidden fears holding me back

“Stacey helped to coach me through a life transition in which I was struggling to understand the barriers I had put in my own path to move forward. She was empathetic and thought-provoking, challenging me to take a step outside of my typical thought patterns and shift my perspective.

Even when I told her there was nothing more to uncover, she intuitively helped me see deeper beneath the surface of the problem and uncover hidden fears I hadn’t realised had been holding me back. She is an inspiring coach who is truly invested in helping you to reach your goals. I would highly recommend working with Stacey.”


Leadership Development Consultant, Coach & Entrepreneur

I secured an offer in a new sector, where the employer saw the value in my experience

“Stacey is a wonderful advisor and mentor. I first met Stacey three years ago when I was considering a career change and wanted to understand the legal market in Perth. She provided very useful and constructive information, as she has an in depth understanding of the Perth legal sector. This was crucial in my career choice at the time. Stacey later recruited me for a legal position in Perth and she was very professional throughout the entire recruitment process.

Recently, I have used Stacey’s career coaching services. I learned how to strategically format my CV so I presented my experience in a way that was more attractive to employers. She provided very detailed feedback and useful tools, and as always, she was very professional and personable.

By taking Stacey’s advice, I highlighted my key skills upfront. This allowed me to show how my experience linked together and complemented other skills. By using Stacey’s services, I was able to secure an employment offer in a new sector where the employer saw the value in my skill set and how it applied to their business.”



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